Head Cheese Strain (2019 Complete Critique)


The Head Cheese strain is seemingly named soon after a rather unappealing sounding meat item, rather than a cheese item. It is a cold reduce of European origin, and is a meat jelly produced from the heads of a cow, sheep, calf, or pig. The components of the head utilized in head cheese differ, despite the fact that it could contain the ears, eyes, and brain.

In the Middle Ages, this meat jelly was utilized to make stock and was ‘enjoyed’ by peasants. You can discover head cheese items in a wide variety of places all through North America, which includes in Alberta, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. On the plus side, the Head Cheese strain is a lot a lot more pleasant and does not involve pig’s heads whatsoever!

What is the Head Cheese Strain?

Head Cheese strain weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is a cross among two exceptionally potent strains: UK Cheese and 707 Headband. Cuts of this strain normally have a lot more traits belonging to UK Cheese and are probably to get you really stoned. It possesses the distinct traits of a correct hybrid and was cultivated by Nevada Group Wellness. It was initially sold in Las Vegas’ NuWu Marketplace.


The Head Cheese marijuana strain does not let you down when it comes to its aroma. You get the instant smell of cheese, but a lot is going on after you get previous the savory scent. When you break up the nugs, you will get an earthy scent along with hints of citrus and lemon. The aroma is so potent that it could sting your eyes and it surely fills up an complete area.


Customers report a creamy cheese taste along with a mix of spices and fruit. It is a glorious mixture of sweet and savory that hits your taste buds quickly. The aroma sets you up for a actual treat, and the flavor does not disappoint. Upon the initial inhale, you will get a potent cheesy taste, but when you exhale, you will be shocked by the citrusy flavor.


This strain’s green buds are exceptionally significant and normally get broken down into smaller sized nugs by the time you see them in your dispensary. The emerald green flowers mix with vibrant orange pistils for a killer colour mixture. The buds have a conical shape and are coated with sticky trichomes.

When the time comes to harvest, Head Cheese appears like it has been thrown into a bath of crystals. When you break the nugs apart with your hands, your fingers will get covered in sticky trichomes. Nevertheless, your fingers will not be as sticky as they would be with a lot of indica strains.

Head Cheese Strain Develop Information

If you acquire Head Cheese seeds and begin developing this strain, it is only fair to warn you that you will require a decent level of experience when cultivating it. In other words, we do not advocate developing this strain if you have small or no practical experience. If you have the requisite practical experience, you have the choice of developing Head Cheese indoors or outdoors.

These who want to cultivate this strain outdoors need to do so in a humid climate. Also, make positive the daytime temperature variety is among 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Assuming your plants develop in the perfect outside circumstances, your crop should really be prepared for harvest by the month of October. It delivers a higher yield of up to 24 ounces per plant.

When Head Cheese is grown indoors, it is crucial to trim its significant fan leaves to guarantee that adequate light and air attain the reduce branches. General, the practice of pruning can increase the yield and high-quality of your harvest. When you know the proper branches to prune, you assist your plant develop even quicker. By cutting off unnecessary branches and leaves, you let the plant to redirect its sources to the high-quality buds that get ample light.

Aside from removing fan leaves, take into account pruning any leaves that are dying due to lack of light, branches low down on the plants that get minimal light, and bud web-sites that are not developing due to lack of light. When grown indoors, Head Cheese flowers in 9-10 weeks and its yield is up to 20 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content material – Highest Test

Head Cheese cannabis is an exceedingly potent strain. Even its weakest reduce clocks in at about 19% THC and its typical is more than 26%. Specific cuts have tested at 30% THC.

CBD Content material – Highest Test

This strain is not identified for its CBD content material despite the fact that some cuts have up to .7% CBD.

What Can I Anticipate When I Use Head Cheese Weed?

1st of all, do not use Head Cheese if you are a new marijuana user or if your tolerance is low. With a THC content material sometimes touching 30%, it is not one particular for the faint-hearted! As it is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it is not a surprise to learn that its initial effects involve intense cerebral stimulation.

Customers report feeling euphoric nearly quickly, and it can assist stimulate creativity in some situations. Soon after the potent sativa effects, the indica side of this strain shows itself in the type of a deep feeling of relaxation. It will not lead to couch lock, but it is mildly sedating to the point exactly where you really feel chilled out.

The general effects of Head Cheese have been likened to taking a dip in a jacuzzi by some. It is an great choice for an afternoon treat or evening smoke, but after once more, we have to anxiety that it is most effective left in the hands of veteran cannabis customers.

Health-related Rewards of Head Cheese Marijuana

The intense potency of Head Cheese implies it is a preferred medicinal marijuana strain for these looking for discomfort relief. It is stated to be particularly efficient if you have muscle spasms or else you have serious inflammation.

As Head Cheese could elevate your mood, it is at times utilized by individuals with depression and anxiety. It could give you a a lot more good outlook on life, and assist ease away your worries. Nevertheless, new marijuana customers would be improved served obtaining a significantly less potent strain to begin off with.

Attainable Side Effects of Head Cheese Weed

The major situation right here revolves about the supreme strength of Head Cheese. If you are predisposed to paranoid thoughts or anxiousness, working with this strain could exacerbate these symptoms. Additionally, the higher could be far also intense for new customers.  Additional typical side effects contain headaches, dry eyes, and a dry mouth.

Final Thoughts on Head Cheese Cannabis

General, Head Cheese is one particular of the world’s most potent marijuana strains and is perfect if you have muscle spasms or are in intense discomfort. It is most effective utilized by seasoned smokers, and you can use it in the afternoon, evening, or at evening. Head Cheese gets to operate rapid with a potent cerebral higher followed by relaxing physique effects.

In terms of taste and smell, handful of strains on the market place can beat the cheesy, however sweet taste of Head Cheese. It is a plant that calls for a degree of developing practical experience to cultivate, as it demands a substantial quantity of upkeep.


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