Mert Nay stabbed two ladies in Sydney CBD Australia

Two ladies have been stabbed, one particular fatally, allegedly by a man with a knife who went on a rampage by way of Sydney’s CBD.

Mert Nay was taken into police custody about 2pm following a citizen’s arrest, in which onlookers pinned him down on the street utilizing a milk crate and two chairs.

One particular lady was taken to hospital in a steady situation with a stab wound in her back at the exact same time of Nay’s arrest close to Wynyard station.

About an hour later, police located the physique of a lady in a block of units on Clarence Street with fatal stab wounds to her neck and throat.

Man with knife taken into custody at Wynyard following witnesses pin him down
Alleged attacker jumps on vehicle close to Wynyard just before becoming chased down
NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller mentioned a third lady presented to The Rocks Police Station with her hand “wrapped in a scarf”.

It was later ascertained she had not been stabbed.

Police mentioned “ideological material” had been located on Nay but that he had no hyperlinks to terrorism.
A police spokesperson confirmed to australian medias the physique was located close to the crime scene.

Throughout the incident, Nay also allegedly jumped on the bonnet and roof of a Mercedes, and was also heard yelling “Allahu akbar”.

Police have described the witnesses who apprehended the man and held him down till police arrived as heroes.

Australian media has been told the alleged attacker had absconded from a mental overall health facility in current days.

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