Any guidance welcome. : Marijuana


Hi, initial post.

I was formally a HEAVY marijuana user. I am a small on the heavy side with a slow metabolism (thanks pcos) anyway i have not smoked in 56 days. I nevertheless failed a UA and lost my job. I know it can take up to 77 days for a fat heavy user to get rid if all lingering metabolites. I also know that more than the counter detoxs wont do the trick quickly, but will they assist speed up the approach and get my technique clean more quickly? Once more its been about 54-56 days because i final smoked. And i just failed the test on the 7th. I picked up a each day physique detox hoping that I will assist flush the rest of the metabolites out. Any other ideas will be welcome. I also have two at household drug tests to attempt and test myself subsequent week.


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