Black Marketplace TKO Carts : Marijuana


Hey guys, soon after hunting about on Google and not locating the info I necessary, I figured I’d just ask Reddit.

I am 19 years old and reside in Illinois (at the moment not legal) and have been smoking weed (largely bud, sometimes carts) considering the fact that July of final year. I smoked a fake cart in November (Exotic), a cart in March (Golden Gorilla), and took a couple of hits back in February from a  cart whose brand name was actually “Supreme”. Following getting sketched out from all of the vaping associated illnesses in the news, I in the end decided to quit carts for fantastic.

Even so, quickly forward six months to final Saturday evening, exactly where I took a big rip off of the cart of a buddy of mine (TKO). Actually 5 minutes soon after hitting it, I saw that it is “packaging” that it came in was a shitty plastic tube, and straight away realized that it was a fake. 

In the months top up to that evening, I felt completely healthier. Even so, my days considering the fact that Saturday have been marked by chest tightness, burning in the chest, shortness of breath, terrible brain fog, headaches, and dizziness. I hope this is just a coincidence, as it was only 1 hit. I’ve been pondering about seeing a medical doctor to get some lung x-rays carried out and possibly get some health-related assistance.

Hopefully you guys can shed some light as to regardless of whether or not this black market place TKO cart could have any seriously damaging neurotoxic pesticides, as I’ve been feeling like a stupid zombie considering the fact that Saturday. I’m hoping that this is just short-term soon after all, it was only 1 hit. I’m a freshman in college and would be devastated if this had any lasting effects.

Thanks and have a excellent day


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