Are “Smart Cart” Vapes Legit? And What Do Fakes Appear Like?


If you have got a Intelligent Cart vape, you are practically surely puffing on a black industry item. But what precisely are the inform-tale indicators that make this phony brand, properly, phony?

Let’s start out with an crucial caveat for today’s vape lesson: All Intelligent Carts, which are supposedly created by a California dispensary referred to as Smartbud, are fake. As in, all Intelligent Carts are unlicensed, black industry solutions that are not tested for security. 

So, to spot a “fake,” just spot a Intelligent Cart. That mentioned, there are now counterfeit versions of this well known unlicensed brand — so you may perhaps be dealing with a knock-off of a phony brand. A meta-fake vape, if you will. 

Intelligent Carts are supposedly manufactured by Smartbud, but neither Smartbud nor Intelligent Carts show up as licensed cannabis corporations at the California Bureau of Cannabis Handle. There is 1 dispensary in LA referred to as the Intelligent Collective Corporation, but it has no association with Smartbud or Intelligent Cart solutions.

How Can You Inform That Intelligent Carts Are Fake?

The massive giveaway, apart from the reality that you are searching at a Intelligent Cart to start with, is the labeling on the packaging. Intelligent Carts packages have THC contents printed straight onto the package. Printing THC contents or other lab test final results into the package just is not carried out in the regulated weed sector. Considering the fact that lab tests will differ with every single batch, packages or solutions must have stickers presenting the lab test data it must by no means be printed straight onto the box.

The second giveaway is that the Intelligent Cart label straight rips the Intelligent Water logo… a no-go if you are a legal business. 


The third giveaway is the oil thickness. The oils in Intelligent Carts are typically a lot thinner and “runnier” than the oils discovered in legit vape cartridges. Having said that, considering the fact that illicit vape cart companies can add thickening agents like vitamin E acetate to the oil, going by oil consistency alone is not the ideal way to spot a fake cart.

The fourth giveaway is your state of residence. If you purchased Intelligent Carts (or any carts) in a state exactly where weed is not legal, then you have probably got an unlicensed item.

And the fifth massive giveaway: Did you purchase your Intelligent Carts from a licensed, genuine dispensary? If the answer is no, then you likely have an unlicensed and untested vape cartridge in your hands.

Gallery — Here’s What Fake Vapes Basically Appear Like:

Verify the Company’s Credentials

Intelligent Carts are at the moment sold by way of the internet site Smartbud Shop. Smartbud Shop claims that it is a mail-delivery cannabis business, but here’s the kicker: Mailing weed by way of the postal service is illegal, even in weed-legal states. Moreover, all cannabis firms in California have to have a physical place (workplace, and so on.) Smartbud Shop does not seem to have a physical place. 

A attempted-and-accurate licensed vape business will have a internet site that lists all nearby retailers who are authorized to carry and sell their solutions. There must also be a speak to kind or telephone quantity so you can attain out to the business straight to confirm whether or not or not your solutions are licensed, tested, and legal.


Why Need to I Care If My Carts Are Fake or Genuine?

Considering the fact that unlicensed, black industry vapes do not undergo lab testing and are not regulated, you have no concept what’s in them. Provided that there’s a vaping lung illness epidemic rampaging across the US — an illness that has hospitalized more than 1,000 men and women and killed at least 23 — and that this illness is probably getting brought on by a contaminant that may perhaps only show up in black industry carts, you must likely stick with the genuine stuff.


How do you know if you are dealing with licensed, tested item? Initial, appear for stickers either on the outdoors of the packaging or inside of it, on the item itself. The sticker must include lab information as properly as a black triangle with a weed leaf and an exclamation point inside of it. Someplace outdoors of this triangle you must see the letters “CA.” This is the official, state-authorized sticker for all legit and tested marijuana solutions in California.

Second, only purchase from licensed dispensaries. If you reside in California, there’s a master list of all licensed weed firms in the state. You can also cross-reference the business’s weed license at the Bureau of Cannabis Handle


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