Envy CBD Overview (Excellent Tasting CBD)


Envy CBD Overview

Now I will be reviewing a CBD brand that sells a wide variety of flavorful CBD items. Just like the title suggests, that brand is known as Envy CBD. In this assessment I will go in depth into what items they sell, which ones I have attempted and give some business information and facts. I will give my insight as to the effects I have knowledgeable and flavors I have noticed.

Very first let me give some short business business information and facts.

Envy CBD Organization Information and facts

According to Envy CBD:

We are primarily based in South El Monte, CA.  Our group initially comes from the vape sector as we are also recognized as BLVK Unicorn, one particular of the prime five e-liquid companies worldwide.  As such, we spot a powerful emphasis on flavored CBD. Even though we are out to sell items, that is not our priority – we aim to educate individuals extra so than rack in sales.  For these that are conscientious to buy our items, some peace of thoughts is offered as all our items are manufactured in an ISO-certified, GMP-certified, and FSMA-authorized facility.  All our hemp is grown in the USA with no pesticides or any other additives.”

Envy CBD makes use of the supercritical CO2 extraction system with chromatography procedure to filter out the THC with no sacrificing as well considerably of the plant matter to extract their CBD, this solves one particular of the problems with complete spectrum CBD, that is, it leaves behind trace amounts of THC.

Also their CBD is third celebration lab tested, which you can verify out right here. This is a necessity for the reason that it adds a layer of transparency to the CBD companies claims.

So far all the things is in order right here, let’s now take a appear at what CBD items Envy CBD has to give.

Envy CBD Items

Envy CBD’s items consists of three categories:

CBD Tincture/Oil

CBD Topicals

  • Face cream and Physique Lotions

CBD Gummies

Envy CBD has a very good choice of CBD items as noted above. It is basically the standard forms of CBD items you would require.

Now we can get into my in-depth evaluation of every solution I have attempted.

My Envy CBD Overview/In-Depth evaluation

Beneath I will note which envy CBD solution I have attempted and give my take on flavoring, effects and effectiveness.

Envy CBD Gummies

Envy CBD Gummies

Value: $24.99

Each and every CBD gummy includes 10mg of CBD, There are 20 gummies in every container.


Normal Gummies:

Very first off, the gummies are gelatinous with an oily consistency on the outdoors. The taste nonetheless is astounding, there are assorted fruit flavors and every one particular has a extremely pleasant fruity taste. I did nonetheless really feel the consistency of the gummies could’ve been a tiny extra chewier, but it is not a major deal with the wonderful taste the gummies have.

Sour Gummies:

The sour gummies have the very same oily consistency, and also come in assorted fruit flavors. The sour ones tasted even extra astounding than the typical gummies and leave behind a extremely mild hemp-like aftertaste. I liked the chewy consistency a tiny bit far better in the sour gummies than the typical ones.


These CBD gummies genuinely shined when it came to sleep. Each and every time I took one particular just before bed, I would knock out fairly swiftly and stay asleep, anything that hasn’t occurred to me in a extended time.

Through the day time, these gummies worked nicely to ease my anxieties and tension. For the most component, they left me extra clear headed all through the day.


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