I want to attempt it once again but I am afraid. : Marijuana


Initially time posting right here, I hope I am not breaking any guidelines or something.

Lengthy story quick: I made use of to really like obtaining stoned back in college about 10 years ago till one particular evening I smoked one thing completely hellish. Possibly I took also numerous hits and that was the error, perhaps it was some sort of weed from hell, I do not know, but the encounter was terrible: I became paranoid, had panic attacks and even mild hallucinations. The paranoia and panic attacks did not totally go away till just after two (!) days.

That stated, it really is been a lengthy although due to the fact these days and not too long ago I’ve been entertaining the concept of providing it a attempt once again. But, truth be told, I am sort of afraid. I most definitely would not want to have that awful encounter once again.

So, I have two concerns:

  • could an individual extra knowledgeable please clarify what precisely might’ve occurred that evening? Was the marijuana laced with a psychoactive drug or one thing? Was it standard weed but possibly I had also considerably?

  • is there any way of stopping this sort of damaging encounter in the future?

Thanks &lt3


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