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Springbig is a loyalty marketing and advertising and communications platform for cannabis dispensaries and brands. Launched 3 years ago, springbig has grown to serve a lot more than 800 clientele and more than 11 million shoppers across the United States.

The springbig platform provides dispensaries and brands a seamless way to communicate with extremely targeted consumer audiences by means of MMS, SMS, and automated campaigns via integrations with a lot more than a dozen cannabis point-of-sale systems, like sector leaders like BioTrackTHC, Flowhub, Green Bits, Cova, Treez, and a lot more.

Lately, I spoke with springbig Vice President of Promoting Nat Shaul to study a lot more about her corporation and how the springbig group makes use of the Cannabiz Media License Database to assistance its sales, marketing and advertising, and company initiatives.

Why Does Springbig Subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

Springbig subscribed to the Cannabiz Media License Database just after meeting the Cannabiz Media group at a conference. “We’d been utilizing Weedmaps to discover license holders, but the info was extremely inaccurate,” explains Nat. “Nowhere else had precise info, but the Cannabiz Media License Database is exceptional and has precise information.”

Nat’s group mostly makes use of the License Database to appear up firms and licenses. “We use it to break down sales territories and strategize marketing and advertising,” explains Nat. “The Cannabiz Media License Database has turned our cold calls into warm calls simply because now we have the name of the right individual that we have to have to speak to. The filtering possibilities are very useful simply because we can filter down to precisely what we’re hunting for. When we have a new POS integration, we can discover license holders who use that POS and rapidly connect with them. It is so effortless to discover info and saves us days of time.”

The group at springbig has also had achievement utilizing the Cannabiz Media License Database for outreach prior to events they participate in. Nat shares, “We increase events in particular cities utilizing the Cannabiz Media License Database to attain out to dispensaries in each and every region. It is truly useful, and with out the Database, we couldn’t do it.”

In addition, springbig relies on the every day e-mail alerts with cannabis license adjustments that are sent out to subscribers by Cannabiz Media. “Within 30 seconds, we get the gist of every thing that is taking place in the nation,” says Nat. “It’s a excellent way to start off the day – specifically when you are quick on time.”

Given that springbig began its subscription to the Cannabiz Media License Database, Nat and her group have been especially delighted with the assistance they’ve received from the Cannabiz Media group. Nat explains, “Everyone at Cannabiz Media is genuine. They’re not common salespeople. They’re truthful, which is truly refreshing, and our account manager, Davis, is phenomenal. We usually get a swift and thoughtful response to our concerns. Cannabiz Media supplies the very best consumer service that I’ve ever had with any piece of software program we use.”

The springbig group has repeatedly seasoned constructive benefits considering the fact that they started utilizing the Cannabiz Media License Database. “Every time we use the License Database, it is been truly constructive,” Nat says. “We rely on it heavily in our sales group, and it has surely helped our ROI and bottom-line.”

What’s Subsequent for Springbig?

The future of springbig is focused on development. Nat shares, “We’re operating on creating the software program fantastic for dispensaries. Our concentrate is on the retailer finish and adding a lot more options.”

As springbig grows, the Cannabiz Media group will continue to assistance Nat’s group and all of its subscribers by offering the most precise and existing information on cannabis and hemp license holders across the U.S. and international markets.

To study a lot more about the Cannabiz Media License Database and what it can do for your company, schedule a absolutely free demo.


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