Meet the Trichome Whisperer, Ultra Trimmer Inventor Barry Schroeder


Hand-trimming has been compared to potato peeling: A rite of passage for entry-level staff and integral to item accomplishment.

Lengthy days and tedious operate that outcomes in sticky hands make trimming one particular of the cannabis industry’s least preferred jobs. Even though machines exist to automate the approach, quite a few of the contraptions trim a bit extra than excess leaves. According to Barry Schroeder, inventor of the Ultra Trimmer, that is a crime against nature.


Trichomes are extra than just tiny, glossy, Instagram-in a position balls identified on the ends of cannabis buds. They shield the plant’s valuable cargo—cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—from environmental threats that can destroy “the excellent stuff” that tends to make strains exclusive and well-known. Even though tedious, hand-trimming preserves most of a bud’s trichomes and, consequently, potency and flavor.

“Other machines out there destroy trichomes,” Schroeder stated. “Trichomes are the item. That tiny ball of oil is the item, and if you destroy that tiny ball of oil, you destroy the item.”

To say Schroeder is obsessed with trichome preservation would not be hyperbolic. But obsession is a hallmark of the farmer and serial inventor. Prior to the Ultra Trimmer, he invented yet another agricultural device to do significantly less harm: the patented Varmitgetter. Remote-controlled and developed to get rid of pests immediately, the device does not prolong crop vermin’s suffering or rely on poisons that can seep into drinking water. Ironically, for a item that stamps out animals, Schroeder was recognized and thanked by the Humane Society at a business enterprise conference, he stated.

Varmitgetter sales have been brisk, supplying Schroeder with sufficient monetary comfort to pursue new endeavors. He speedily identified a key inefficiency in the cannabis cultivation approach: trimming. “I grew 380 pounds in my very first health-related develop,” he stated. That is a lot of flower to reduce by hand, and the time investment is important. Considering that time is income, Schroeder invested in an automated technique.

“I purchased a tumbler trimmer that was supposed to be the finest one particular on the market place,” he stated. “Well, I applied it for two hours, and it destroyed the trichomes.” 

Investigation convinced him the deficiencies he perceived in the machine could not be solved with any other item on the market place. “Tumblers do not operate,” he stated. “Every tumbler out there destroys trichomes.” And to Schroeder, a flower with out trichomes is no flower at all.

He set to operate on a ground-up—and, it turned out, groundbreaking—redesign that would achieve the trimming process effectively and price-proficiently. Eventually, he received a United States patent for the resulting piece of gear. “I am the very first particular person in the history of federal patents to get a patent for a cannabis trimmer,” he stated, with no tiny pride.

Handcrafting just about something carries a particular cachet, but Schroeder insists his machine delivers outcomes that are just about indistinguishable from hand-trimming. Ultra Trimmer’s action mimics scissors, the tool of decision for preserving trichomes. Schroeder stated his machine’s mechanical “scissors” are safer than standard manual models, although. They do not reduce fingers, but he admitted they can pinch a bit. 

The Ultra Trimmer does its operate speedily, leaving buds lying on the table for only ten to fifteen seconds. The device can approach twelve to eighteen pounds per hour working with what Schroeder calls “scissors on steroids.” The machine is equipped to manage each wet and dry bud, although Schroeder stated finest outcomes are obtained just after buds are cured and dried.

Primarily based on expertise with his personal harvests, Schroeder is not shy about touting his product’s advantages: The Ultra Trimmer not only preserves trichomes, but also income, by minimizing time and manpower needs. “If we do not save you 50 % to 70 % of your time, then we will give you your income back,” he stated.

Schroeder is not the only one particular espousing the virtues of his machine. Higher Instances named Ultra Trimmer Very best Trimmer and Gear of the Year. The magazine integrated Schoeder himself in its 2018 list of the 100 most influential figures in cannabis. Venerated elder statesman Ed Rosenthal also took notice. “I have the only trimmer in Ed’s book Beyond Buds, mainly because this is the only trimmer that puts [trim] out like scissor trim,” Schroeder stated.

Gregarious to a fault, Schroeder enjoys performing demonstrations at trade shows. Just after buds go by means of his trimmer, he permits curious onlookers to scrutinize the outcomes. “We hand [the finished product] to the men and women and let them place it below the microscope,” he stated. “They can see the trichomes are nevertheless there. Other organizations will not do that.” He also routinely trims huge buds by hand though his machine trims one particular of about the similar size. Then, he encourages the audience to evaluate each, side by side, below a microscope. “Four out of 5 men and women say the machine is greater,” he stated. It is challenging to think about that a boast when even he appears awed by the phenomenon.

The Ultra Trimmer is obtainable nationwide. “I will go to any state with a health-related system and must have a dealer in Florida quickly,” Schroeder stated. “But now, I believe I can go to all fifty [states] with the hemp market place, and [Ultra Trimmer is] in Canada, as effectively.

“I in no way anticipated this,” he stated. “I just constructed a machine to trim cannabis. It feels excellent. We’re saving trichomes, and we are providing the clientele a high-quality item.” 

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What Are Trichomes?

Trichomes are compact hair-like structures covering quite a few plants’ stems, leaves, and flowers. They may possibly be silky, bristly, or scale-like based on their objective and function. The trichomes on stinging nettles, for instance, inject inflammatory chemical substances that deter predation. Venus flytrap trichomes are sensory organs that alert the plant to the presence of prey.

Cannabis trichomes shield the plant and make metabolites critical for development and reproduction. As in fragrant herbs like mint and basil, cannabis’s trichomes make the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that give the plant its signature flavor and fragrance. They also influence some strains’ magnificent colors. Even though a main function is to secrete a taste animal predators discover unpalatable, the trichomes on some strains make psychoactive effects in humans.


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