Weekenders Cannabis Targets Expanding Segment of Recreational Customers with New Pre-Rolls


Expertly Balanced THC and CBD Pre-Rolls Serve Customers the Proper Quantity of Higher

LOS ANGELES – December two, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – With the legalization of recreational cannabis and its increasingly robust societal acceptance, a huge and increasing quantity of adults are opting to integrate cannabis into their lifestyles.  They seek its myriad of rewards, from relaxation, to inventive inspiration and productivity, to basic wellness and relaxation.  Weekenders Cannabis, an emerging California-primarily based cannabis organization, is tapping into the movement with pre-rolls geared for buyers wanting to knowledge a additional functional higher without having the undesirable effects of hugely concentrated THC solutions.

A current study by New Frontier Information indicates that the Weekenders method is supplying buyers specifically what they want.  According to report, joints are amongst the most common item for 83 % of cannabis customers, and a whopping 88 % of buyers are seeking for a functional knowledge with cannabis.  This is the Weekenders sweet-spot.

Though most cannabis solutions are either also robust, with THC levels frequently surpassing 20 %, or also mild, with CBD-only solutions that miss out on THC’s energizing, euphoric effects, Weekenders has curated a pre-roll that brings collectively the greatest attributes of the two cannabinoids. Their solutions meticulously blend energizing and uplifting THC from a sativa dominant strain with complete spectrum CBD flower, which alleviates anxiousness and offers discomfort-relief and other wellness rewards.  The outcome is a completely balanced higher that provides cannabis customers what they want: 66 % of buyers seek relaxation from cannabis, 59 % appear for anxiety relief, and 53 % anxiousness reduction*, all of which are core effects of Weekenders solutions.

Weekenders obsession with high quality lies not just in the effects of its solutions, but in these products’ supply.  Totally free from synthetic fertilizers and chemical substances, Weekenders cultivates the finest tiny-batch, artisanal flowers in the remote North Coast of Humboldt County.  Redwood Valley Farm, with which is has a partnership, cultivates biodiversity by way of a complicated method of cover cropping, composting with locally sourced components, making use of strategies such as Korean Organic Farming (KNF), and Bokashi and Fermented Plant Juices (FPJ) to market nutrient recycling. As a outcome of its farming practices, the terroir in Weekenders’ cannabis is unmistakable.

Weekenders provides two pre-roll alternatives, CHILL and PLAY, which it initial debuted at Hall of Flowers in September, 2019. To meet the demand for buyers wanting cannabis larger in CBD, the CHILL pre-roll formula attributes a specific CBD-forward blend, although buyers wanting additional of the energizing THC rewards can opt for the PLAY pre-rolls. All solutions have each THC and CBD, as the ‘Entourage Effect’** of the two cannabinoids interacting is crucial to the guarantee of the item. Weekenders pre-rolls are obtainable in each 7-count and 1-count packs.

 “We produced Weekenders as an alternative for new, infrequent – and even frequent – customers who want the uplifting rewards of cannabis without having the undesirable effects, and we’re thrilled with the overwhelming response we received at Hall of Flowers from purchasers who see Weekenders as the answer to this increasing segment of recreational customers,” stated Kahlil Lozoraitis, [CEO] of Weekenders.

With its current launch and debut at Hall of Flowers, Weekenders anticipates fast development in 2020, as recreational cannabis use is anticipated to rise and sales in the U.S. are projected to attain almost $30 billion by 2025.*

*According to The U.S. Cannabis Report: 2019 Business Outlook
** Wired Magazine: https://www.wired.com/story/cannabis-science-entourage-impact/

About Weekenders Cannabis
Weekenders Cannabis is an emerging California-primarily based organization focused on all-organic cannabis formulated for a additional functional higher without having the undesirable effects of hugely concentrated THC solutions. Weekenders meticulously blends uplifting THC flower with healing CBD to build a higher that is completely balanced for what ever your weekend has in retailer.  For additional details, take a look at www.weekenderscannabis.com.

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