Concentrations of THC, CBD, and CBN in industrial hemp seeds and hempseed oil sold in Korea.


Hemp seeds and hempseed oil are marketed on- and off-line as overall health foods and cosmetics and have been reported to have higher nutrient contents. Having said that, simply because of the several side effects of cannabinoids, specifically △9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), numerous nations regulate upper limits for THC in goods, which creates the want for analytical approaches capable of measuring THC, cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN) levels in industrial hemp seeds and hempseed oil. In the present study, hemp seed and hempseed oil extracts obtained by methanol extraction, have been analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Validation of the strategy utilised was performed working with calibration curves and by figuring out LODs, LOQs, specificities, selectivities, and intra- and inter-day precision and accuracies. In addition, matrix effects, course of action efficiencies, recoveries, and sample stabilities have been investigated. In hemp seeds, as determined working with the totally optimized process THC concentrations ranged from .06 to five.91 μg/g, CBD concentrations from .32 to 25.55 μg/g, and CBN concentrations from .01 to 1.50 μg/g CBN/THC ratios ranged from .1 to 1.60, and CBD/THC ratios from .11 to 62.56. Additionally, the (THC + CBN)/CBD ratio of most hemp seed samples was much less than 1. In hempseed oil, THC concentrations ranged from .three to 19.73 μg/mL, CBD concentrations from six.66 to 63.40 μg/mL, CBN concentrations from .11 to two.31 μg/mL, CBN/THC ratios from .12 to .42, and CBD/THC ratios from three.21 to 22.50. Additionally, (THC + CBN)/CBD ratios in all hempseed oil samples have been much less than 1. The optimized methanol extraction-GC/MS strategy was identified to be satisfactory for figuring out THC, CBD, and CBN concentrations in hemp seeds and hempseed oil.


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