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By Alan Mozes
HealthDay Reporter


TUESDAY, Dec. three, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Headache and migraine sufferers, take note: healthcare marijuana may well assistance ease your discomfort.

The findings stick to an evaluation of information collected by a Canadian telephone app that gathered feedback supplied by 1,300 headache sufferers and almost 700 migraine sufferers who employed marijuana to treat their head discomfort.

“We discovered that self-reported headache and migraine severity have been lowered by almost 50% from ahead of to right after cannabis use,” stated study author Carrie Cuttler. She is an assistant professor in the division of psychology at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.

But a lot of unanswered queries stay. For a single, it is not clear if pot was any greater at cutting down headache discomfort than standard medicine. “We did not straight examine cannabis to standard remedies,” stated Cuttler, “so we never know if it is additional or significantly less successful.”

Also, the jury remains out as to what certain compound may possibly be causing the reductions. The group discovered that when it came to head discomfort handle, it did not matter how significantly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) was in a certain batch of pot. THC and CBD are the most frequently studied components in marijuana, Cuttler’s group noted.

“[So] it could be a single of the other 100-plus phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant,” she stated, adding that “there is merely not adequate study on these other constituents to know suitable now.”

At the similar time, “I have usually wondered no matter whether cannabis merely reduces the emotional distress surrounding and exacerbating the discomfort, which tends to make the discomfort additional bearable/tolerable,” Cuttler stated. “In other words, possibly cannabis tends to make folks care significantly less about the discomfort?” But once more, the study did not address this possibility.

“We did, having said that, discover that cannabis was not connected with medication overuse headache,” she noted, “which is a widespread pitfall of additional standard remedies.” Such headaches can afflict sufferers who have a tendency to use the similar medication once more and once more to treat their headaches.

And the group also observed that when it comes to employing pot to treat headaches, additional did not appear to imply additional. “We did not discover any proof that greater doses have been additional, or significantly less, successful than decrease doses,” stated Cuttler, “which may possibly recommend that micro-dosing could be enough for some folks.”

Nonetheless, when she described medicinal pot use as “pretty nicely-tolerated,” Cuttler stated her group discovered that, more than time, sufferers reported employing additional and additional pot when obtaining significantly less of a headache-handle advantage.

And these have been sufferers who have been additional primed to hail the discomfort-lowering virtues of pot to commence with, offered that they had proactively sought out marijuana remedy towards that finish. (The study did not include things like a comparison group of non-pot customers.)

Nonetheless, Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), recommended that the findings are not specifically surprising.

“The findings of this study are constant with a number of preceding research, as nicely as with the historical literature,” he stated, “as cannabis possesses a extended history of human use in migraine remedy.”

On that score, Armentano highlighted two seminal research: a single out of the University of Colorado and a second from Florence, Italy. Each concluded that marijuana use was an successful intervention for delivering migraine relief.

As to what it is about marijuana that assists to tamp down headaches, Armentano recommended that cannabinoids “possess nicely-established analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis also possesses anti-epileptic properties, and they can also influence blood stress, all of which may well play a part in influencing migraine severity or frequency.”

But he agreed with Cuttler that pinpointing the precise mechanism by which pot seems to assistance headache discomfort remains hard, “considering the fact that the mechanisms involving migraine and migraine remedy are not nicely understood at this time.”

Nonetheless, Armentano described the benefits as “hugely promising.”

“These findings supply additional proof that cannabis may well supply an successful, speedy-acting, nicely-tolerated choice for some sufferers,” Armentano stated.

Cuttler and her group published their findings on the internet lately in the Journal of Discomfort.

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