You Can not Legislate For Stupidity! Driver higher on marijuana crashes into Michigan trooper on the morning cannabis became legal, troopers say


Fox eight news reports……

A Michigan trooper was sent to the hospital when a driver higher on marijuana crashed into his patrol SUV on the morning marijuana became legal, according to Michigan State Police.

Marijuana became legal in the state of Michigan on Dec. 1.

At about 9 a.m., a trooper was responding to a prior crash on Interstate 75 north in Springfield, Michigan.

Even though the trooper was at the scene, a 51-year-old man driving a pickup truck was headed north in the left lane when he lost manage. The truck spun just about 180 degrees prior to hitting the driver’s side of the trooper’s SUV.

The trooper suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. The man was not injured.

State police say the driver was higher on marijuana and driving also rapidly for road situations.

The driver, who has not been identified, was arrested.

“This is a reminder that on the day legal marijuana can be bought, do not smoke and drive,” Michigan State Police stated. “Just like alcohol use a ride service, designated driver or remain dwelling.”



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