8 Reasons You’ll Love Our 1500mg CBD Tinctures – 2019


Our potent tinctures are a premier product in the CBD landscape. Here are eight reasons you’ll love our 1500mg tinctures!

CBD tincture drops are among the most popular hemp-based products on the market, and CBDfx tinctures are widely regarded as being in a class of their own. No other company uses safer ingredients, follows stricter manufacturing guidelines, or treats their hemp with as much respect as CBDfx.

In this list, we’ll de discussing eight reasons that you will fall in love with the high-strength tincture options we offer at CBDfx.com. While our original hemp-flavored tincture has the most customer reviews, our new flavored CBD tinctures are just as beloved within the worldwide cannabidiol community.

It’s true that the CBDfx 500mg and 1000mg CBD tincture products are lower-priced than the 1500mg options we detail below. However, you get a much better price-per-milligram (PPMG) with our top-strength options. That’s just one of the many benefits of our 1500mg CBDfx tinctures, all of which you can purchase right now in a matter of seconds on CBDfx.com:

1. Lab Tested

There’s a reason our original 1500mg option has long been considered one of the best CBD tinctures on the market; we provide some of the most detailed cannabidiol lab reports on the planet. Any time you browse the internet in search of CBD tinctures for sale, you need to make sure the products you’re considering are high-quality, and one of the best ways to analyze a product is by checking its customer-submitted reviews.

You have a lot less to worry about when it comes to CBD tincture quality when you choose CBDfx. Our tinctures have been thoroughly screened and batch-tested to confirm that they don’t contain any mycotoxins, heavy metals or other harmful substances. With these unnecessary risks removed, the only potential health risks associated with CBD use are rare allergic reactions and a few common, low-impact drug interactions.

The lab tests we provide here at CBDfx.com also serve one other important purpose: They allow you to make sure your organic hemp products contain at least the amount of CBD listed on the label. You’ll find that when you choose CBDfx, you always get a little bit of extra CBD at the end of the bottle as our way of saying thank you; check out or lab reports for proof!

2. Customer Approved

Some CBD companies are all talk and no walk. Their products look great at first glance, but you have no idea what anyone else thinks about them because there are no customer reviews.

If a CBD product doesn’t have a lot of reviews, it’s probably not worth your time. Sure, there’s the off chance that you’ve stumbled across a brand-new company that happens to offer the best CBD oil ever created, but it’s far more likely that you’ve come across yet another whack-a-mole company that keeps popping up as a front for investors trying shamelessly to exploit the green rush.

You’ll find no such situation here at CBDfx.com. Even our newest 1500mg CBD tincture products have dozens of reviews, and our original CBD tincture’s review count is nearing 100.

Any time that you find yourself on the CBDfx.com shop, take a moment to scroll all the way to the bottom of a product’s page. See that big green badge with the number in white? That’s how many total verified reviews our products have.

3. Flavors

We have a variety of flavors you can choose from to accompany the 1500mg of CBD oil that you acquire at CBDfx.com. Originally, our natural-flavored tincture was the only option we offered, but at the insistence of our customers, we released three new tinctures that have been augmented with organic flavoring substances.

Our Blueberry Pineapple Lemon flavor is perhaps the sweetest of our flavored tincture offerings. Nothing helps you get the most out of your CBD tincture like a delightful and tasty flavoring, and this tincture gets the job done in style.

While most people wouldn’t think to combine the classic lemon/lime duo with the crisp taste of mint, we do things a little differently here at CBDfx. Despite its unorthodox flavor profile, the Lemon Lime Mint 1500mg CBD tincture is one of our most popular products, and it’s perfect for getting energized in the morning as an addition to your cup of tea or coffee.

Lastly, our Lychee Lemon Kiwi 1500mg CBD tincture option has a distinctly tropical vibe, so it’s the ideal option for blissing out and pretending you’re on the beach all winter long. As with all our other CBD tincture options, this product only contains natural ingredients that you’d feel comfortable giving to your friends and family.

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4. Easy To Consume

Wondering how to use CBD tinctures? You’ve come to the right spot. One of the best things about having a CBDfx 1500mg tincture in your hand is the sense of freedom that comes with your purchase. You can do things the old-fashioned way and swallow your tincture oil immediately, or you can hold it under your tongue for a minute or so before swallowing it for maximum effects.

It’s just as easy to add your tincture to a beverage or snack. Smoothies are somewhere in-between those two categories, which might help explain why squirting a dropper of CBDfx flavored tincture into a delicious blended mixture of yogurt, fruits and veggies is a fan-favorite among the members of our CBD super-community.

While it’s not our place to say how much CBD you should consume in a single serving, we can provide basic usage guidelines for our tincture products. Since you’ll be using one of our high-strength tincture options, you should take things slow at first by applying a few drops under your tongue. Once you’ve had a chance to fully gauge the effects, increase or decrease the amount you use accordingly.

5. High Concentration Per Serving

There are times when you should take it easy, and there are times when it makes sense to go all-in. If you don’t know much about CBD and you just want to give this natural product a whirl, you might get by with a low-concentration option. When you know that you love CBD and its amazing effects, however, it’s natural to gravitate toward the product with the highest CBD content possible.

With our 1500mg tincture options, you don’t have to constantly administer tincture throughout the day to get the effects you need. If you’re tired of feeling like the CBD you have is never enough, it’s time to up the ante and start using a CBD tincture product that is designed with your high-concentration needs in mind.

Even people who use CBD oil conservatively benefit from choosing our high-concentration option. The shelf life of hemp oil is one year, so even if it takes you months to use all 1500mg of CBD in your tincture bottle, you’ll have saved yourself some money in the long run.

In the end, our 1500mg options are the best tincture deals that you’ll find at CBDfx.com. You can even bundle this tincture with other CBDfx products to enjoy additional CBD savings today.

6. Ingredients

Reports of CBD side effects are becoming more and more common. In fact, some news reports make it seem like CBD has actually landed people in the hospital. In reality, however, CBD-rich hemp oil is a benign substance that doesn’t have any serious side effects. What’s getting people sick are the other ingredients that are sometimes included in CBD products.

Products from other companies sometimes don’t have any CBD at all. What they do have, however, are dangerous ingredients that have hospitalized dozens of people. That’s a really dramatic example, but think of all the toxins and carcinogens that might be present in certain CBD products on the market.

You have to be incredibly careful to avoid including toxins in orally-consumed products. There are endless temptations to make do with cheaper ingredients that might negatively affect your customers’ health. Our virtually supernatural ability to ignore greed and always aim high is due in large part to our amazing customer base.

We know so many of your personal stories that we would never put your health at risk by using inferior or unsafe ingredients. Every single ingredient of every single CBDfx product has been thoroughly vetted at each stage of the production process, and our CBD oil extraction process is truly a thing of beauty.

Our CBD oil extraction process begins with us sourcing the best CBD-rich cannabis genetics in the world. We want strains with the highest CBD and the lowest THC concentrations possible, and we work with professional breeders across the nation to make sure our genetics are strictly top-shelf.

Next, we cultivate our CBD-rich hemp in state-of-the-art facilities that eliminate any potential toxin contamination by adhering to the industry’s strictest organic cultivation standards. We can guarantee that there are no heavy metals, artificial pesticides or toxic fertilizers in our hemp because we control every single aspect of the growing process from seed to sale.

In our facilities, we extract CBD oil using CO2, which is considered to be a “solvent-free” extraction medium and the safest option on the market today. CO2 extraction costs more, but it’s worth it for us to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of our loyal customers.

8. cGMP Certified

Getting cGMP-certified in the hemp industry is hard. Most CBD companies take up a highly defensive stance against regulation, which is ultimately self-defeating. Federal regulatory agencies exist to protect our safety, and the more we comply with the standards that they apply to the industry, the more we lift the veil of cannabis prohibition and prove that hemp is a beneficial plant and not an intoxicating drug.

We are proud to say that our production facility has been recognized as compliant with common good manufacturing practices (cGMP), which means that we’ve at least attained the basic level of professionalism demanded of manufacturers in most other industries. You’d be amazed how many of our competitors would fail to clear this simple vetting process, but in the end, it doesn’t matter; you still have CBDfx to rely on when you want access to the best, most-certified CBD products on the market.

While we’re very happy to be cGMP-certified, we aren’t content to stop there. At CBDfx, we won’t rest until we’re universally recognized as the most professional, safest manufacturer within the global cannabis industry. After many years of successfully delivering orders to customers around the world and reshaping the CBD market in our image, we’ve gained the reputation of being amongst the best of the best⁠—all thanks to you!

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CBDfx 1500mg Tinctures – Everything You Need in One Bottle

Now’s the time to buy your 1500mg CBD oil online. Every CBDfx tincture is made with the love and attention befitting of the world’s best organic CBD products, and endless customer reviews confirm that our vegan CBD oil oral products are high-quality, effective and well worth it.

When you want to enjoy everything CBD has to offer to the absolute fullest, our CBD oil tincture with 1500mg of CBD is the only way to go. No other oral CBD product allows you to fine-tune your daily cannabidiol intake like our top-strength organic CBD tincture, so rely on this non-GMO, cGMP CBDfx product whenever it’s time to get serious about your CBD desires.

Let’s wrap things up with a few answers to popular CBDfx CBD oil tincture questions:

1. I have 1500 mg of CBD oil; how much do I take a day?

At present, there is no suggested serving size for CBD oil. We suggest that you simply experiment until you find a happy medium; since CBD does not have any serious side effects, suffering as a result of taking too much is virtually impossible. Always consult with your doctor, however, before trying a new substance. This rule even applies to the organic, CO2-extracted CBD tinctures offered at CBDfx.com.

2. Is 1500 mg of CBD oil too much?

Not if you use it wisely. The stronger your CBD tincture, the more conservative you should be; three drops of 500mg tincture contain the same amount of CBD as one drop of 1500mg tincture, so just remember that you’re getting far more CBD per drop when you choose our high-concentration cannabidiol tincture options.

3. 1500 CBD oil vs 1000 vs 500⁠—which is best?

That all depends on how you want to use CBD. For some people, lower concentrations work just fine, but look at it this way: even if you don’t want to use a lot of CBD, choosing our high-strength option saves you money. You have to consume more tincture to get the same amount of CBD when you choose lower-concentration options. Purchasing the 1500mg tincture will allow you to feel the desired effects without consuming more than a few drops at a time.

4. 1500 mg CBD contains how much THC?

The most THC that a full spectrum CBD tincture can contain is 0.3%. THC in this quantity will not have a noticeable effect, but it has on rare occasion triggered a false positive on drug tests. Such an event is very unlikely, but always check with your employer or drug test administrator before you start using full spectrum CBD products like our 1500mg CBD tinctures.


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