Indoors LED progressing plant difficulties


Hi guys,

Finding a small bit desperate right here, my babies are gradually dying.

It is day 25th of the develop.
I have two species of autos right here 1 is about 50/50 Indica/Satia and the other 1 mainly Indica (the 1 with most significant difficulties).

Here’s my setup.
Indoors, in a area with a lot of space
Temperature: 70F/21C
RH: ~60%-70% (I have two detectors they have 10% of a distinction in a reading)
Light: two LED QB panels (240W) diled down to 150W, hanging at about 20″/50cm
Watering: I watered them like…

Indoors LED progressing plant difficulties

December 05, 2019 at 09:37AM

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