Hemp-Derived DELTA 8 THC Products Still Available Online

After a dramatic ruling by the DEA making DELTA 8 THC illegal in the United States, following by the removal of products of the shelves, few companies have decided to continue selling hemp-derived DELTA 8 THC products, claiming it is still legal to do so. Others have decided to sue the DEA.

While the list of companies still offering DELTA 8 THC products, is shrinking by the day, few hemp suppliers have decided that since their products are hemp-derived, they are allowed to continue selling it. Others even announced tha they are going to fight the DEA in court.

As a result, hemp-derived DELTA 8 THC products are still sold online. As hemp-derived DELTA 8 THC products make the majority of D8 products, the companies still selling DELTA 8 products, are winning the market.


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Changes to the DELTA 8 industry

While so young and even yet an ‘industry’ the last week saw some major changes taking effect in the DELTA 8 landscape.
First, many supliiers have moved out and stopped selling DELTA 8 products. While some of them did it only until the legal situation became clear, the companies that stayed open, are winning the market.
Second, clients are stocking-up on products and bundles, worth hundreds of dollars are flying, fast. It appears that the clients are not risking staying dry and stocking-up on DELTA 8 products.
Third, the variety of products is still increasing and new products are joining, daily.

it appers that some heavy players are betting that the game isn’t over yet.

Want All DELTA 8 THC products to be restored? Make your voice heard!

While Hemp-Derived DELTA 8 THC products are now still available online, this situation might not holf for long, and you have less than two months to do something about it. If you wish to keep DELTA 8 products available to the public, you should make your voice heard and do it today!

All you need to do is to submit comments by clicking here. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and to reference “RIN 1117-AB53/DOCKET No. DEA-500” on all your correspondence. Do not wait until OCTOBER 20, 2020 to get your opinion out there. You have less than 60 days to prevent this error from ever happening, so please take action TODAY!

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