House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month, Leadership Announces

The difference here is that the Trump Administration could possibly push this through to take away any leverage cannabis legalization may have given the Democrats. This could go differently especially since Trumps opponents in the presidential race are starting to speak proactively about cannabis. He may just executive order that shit so it’ll be done before election day.

I think 2020 isn’t done with the surprises yet.

Oh and did I mention the actual leverage is that legalizing could help boost the economy? At least one governor already agrees with this and that is why Pennsylvania will vote on legalizing for the state to get extra revenue. Nebraska was doing something with herb in the near future too.

It’s almost at the turning point. If you look at what was going on between 1917 and 1922 in the US, you’ll see they had a pandemic that shut down the world…I think it was the most recent one of this magnitude aside from covid. Once they climbed out of that hole, they lifted the prohibition of alcohol to boost sales. I think cannabis will be very similar with covid. It’s performed well even through the pandemic and the crazy restrictions they have.

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