New Day Organics skincare line grows during tough times

by Wendy Turrell

In a time of pandemic, when many small businesses are struggling just to stay afloat, Noreen Roman’s New Day Organics skincare line has grown by 300 percent.

In September, the Bath resident will open a brick-and-mortar location at the historic Red Barn on Ghent Road. For the near future, it will primarily be a place to assemble, pack and ship her products, and serve as a pick-up point for orders placed on Roman’s Etsy site.

She made the decision to expand from her formerly home-based business because “New Day Organics product containers … had literally taken over the basement and first floors of our home,” she said.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Roman is no longer able to sell New Day Organic products at area art and craft shows, but her online business and customer base have exploded, with increased sales nationally and internationally.

A medical research technologist by training, Roman is continually developing new products to answer customers’ needs. With COVID-19 concern about sanitation and the desire for clean, organic ingredients, Roman recently formulated new facial, hand and body soaps for her line.

“Being able to create plant-based, organic and natural products that heal and support our skin and body – and that feed our souls – is one of the reasons I started New Day Organics in the first place,” Roman said.

“All New Day Organics products have a wellness component, and I spend an inordinate amount of time in the early mornings conducting research on new ingredients and products. What makes my day is when I hear from a customer that a particular product has helped them or a family member.”

Orders for gift occasions have also soared, Roman said, and she has added men’s and women’s gift sets to her line. She is working on a number of new products that will launch for the holidays, which she described as “including and going beyond skincare.”

In addition to expanding online sales, Roman has begun selling wholesale locally to The Mustard Seed Market and stores in two other states. The Mustard Seed carries some of her popular natural deodorants, vitamin-rich glow serum, tinted lip shimmers, soaps, and sore muscle and joint rub.

Roman has also developed New Day Organics’ social media presence, because it lets her communicate directly with customers all over the world, introduce new products and give a peek into “the fun behind-the-scenes happenings.”

New Day Organics products are available on Etsy at

She said customers don’t need an Etsy account to order from her shop, and she typically provides same-day delivery to zip codes in Bath, Copley and Fairlawn.

Future plans are somewhat reliant on the state of the pandemic, she said. Roman would like to eventually have a small retail shop at her new Red Barn location, perhaps by appointment only, but she will continue to deliver curbside pick-up there during the pandemic. She plans to launch her own website for sales in 2021.

Feature image photo caption: Noreen Roman uses a Hobart mixer to create products for her ever-expanding line, New Day Organics. Photo by S. Bell

Noreen Roman stands outside the new Red Barn location for her business. Photo by S. Bell

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