Google proposes new town-like tech hub in Mountain View

Rendering of Maude Park, Middlefield Park

Supply: Google

Whoever believed the coronavirus pandemic would drastically adjust tech companies’ genuine estate plans in Silicon Valley, hasn’t met Google.

The Alphabet enterprise has proposed a new tech campus in its historic dwelling city of Mountain View, with plans to remodel 40 acres into a mixed-use center that involves housing, retail and neighborhood gathering spaces in a town-like tech campus, the enterprise stated Tuesday.

The Middlefield Park Master Strategy envisions a campus that involves up to 1.33 million square feet of workplace space, 30,000 square feet of retail-kind use, up to 1,850 housing units, and 20,000 square feet of civic and occasion space, as effectively as 12 acres of open space.

The city of Mountain View also demands developers to contain residential space with big-scale industrial constructing, and the Middlefield Park plans show up to six residential buildings containing in between 1,675 and 1,850 new residences. The company’s project aims to dedicate 20% of its residential space to very affordable housing units.

Whilst Google will retain ownership of most of the campus, most open spaces will be accessible to the public. It will contain several parks, a recreation center that could be applied for a soccer field, and an aquatic center.

Rendering of Ellis Plaza, Middlefield Park

Supply: Google

“It really is undoubtedly 1 of the concepts in the Precise Strategy to build a mixed-use neighborhood exactly where a lot of the requires and solutions are inside walking distance from exactly where you reside and operate,” Google genuine estate director Michael Tymoff told the Mountain View Voice.

The enterprise is partnering with Australia-primarily based genuine estate developer LendLease for the project.

The newest strategy comes in addition to other Google expansions, such as a bigger proposed mixed-use campus ten miles south of Mountain View in downtown San Jose. That project — whose plans are nevertheless undergoing city approvals by means of early 2021 — spans 80 acres and extra than 7 million square feet and involves a main transit center, corporate hotel space, parks and tall buildings.

Rendering of Ellis Stroll, Middlefield Park

Supply: Google

The newest strategy also comes a year just after Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the enterprise will invest $1 billion toward efforts to create at least 15,000 new residences in the San Francisco Bay Region, which largely consists of converting Google’s current land into land zoned for residential space. Pichai stated at the time that extra than 45,000 Google workers reside in the San Francisco Bay Region.

Tech organizations such as Facebook and Microsoft swiftly followed suit, promising to develop extra housing in their viewpoint regions amid housing crunches.

Rendering of Maude Park, Middlefield Park

Supply: Google

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