Panda Biotech Settles On Hemp Fiber Processing Place

Panda Biotech hemp processing
Panda Biotech hemp processing

Texas business Panda Biotech has decided exactly where the USA’s biggest hemp processing factory will be situated. And the winner is..

Wichita Falls, Texas.

Panda Biotech has contracted for a 500,000 square foot facility and 97-acre campus. The business initially announced intentions to construct its 1st industrial hemp processing facility in Lubbock County, Texas.

The Panda Texas Plains Hemp Gin will not only be the nation’s biggest hemp processing facility, it will also be the 1st in the USA to cottonize hemp fiber on a industrial scale which will be supplied to the domestic textile sector and export buyers. Cottonizing hemp requires removing the lignin that binds its fibres with each other in bundles, opening them up for additional processing. In a cottonized type, hemp can be blended with other widespread fibers and spun into yarn.

Panda Biotech says its engineers have been functioning with an international gear manufacturer to “super-size” their current line of decorticators. In the production of hemp fiber, decorticators are utilized to separate the outer bast fiber from the inner woody core, or hurd. The two souped-up decorticators utilized will be capable to procedure ten tons of biomass per hour – every single.

The business says the facility will be capable to procedure close to 150,000 tons of Texas-grown industrial hemp and make a lot more than 17,500 tons of apparel-grade, cottonized hemp fiber annually when operating at complete capacity. Panda expects partial operations to commence in the 1st quarter of subsequent year, with complete production anticipated by the 1st quarter of 2022.

“In addition to the nearby agricultural neighborhood, city and county officials have been outstanding to operate with and supportive of what they count on to be a international calling card for Wichita Falls as the hub of the subsequent multi-billion-dollar sector,” mentioned Scott Evans, executive vice president of Panda Biotech. “We’re extremely excited that this facility will not only assist to provide a developing planet-wide demand for industrial hemp fiber, but also assist to generate a new, sustainable sector.”

Panda Biotech was also in the spotlight earlier this year when the business announced it was donating a lot more than 60 tons of authorized hemp seed for fiber crops to Texas agricultural producers.

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