5 Benefits of Plant Based Body Care

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care products are crafted with purity, using the finest botanical extracts and plant based ingredients. Our fine body and skincare products offer you a non-toxic, gentle way to nourish and restore your body and skin to look and feel its best.

Choosing plant-based topical products is one of the best things you can do to protect and preserve your skin health. Our plant based body care topicals are full of essential vitamins and minerals from plants, hydrating organic oils, high quality CBD extract, and pure essential oils, creating a nutrient-rich formula.

Protect your skin and deliver comfort and ease to support your wellbeing

with Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Care.

1. Non-toxic natural plant based formulas are better for you.

Many beauty products and topicals are not regulated and are often packed full of dangerous chemicals, toxic fillers, and irritants so companies can produce a product in the cheapest ways. Unfortunately, that means you are paying a high price for that product through the toxic ingredients you ingest daily through your skin barrier, which negatively affects your wellness. Due to the lack of regulations, many beauty companies take advantage and mislead you with false labels stating their products are natural and organic. Beware, a pretty bottle labeled natural, does not mean a clean healthy product.

When you use Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Care products, you can apply with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are feeding your skin high quality pure plant based ingredients. Your body will thank you for the love and nourishment through our formulas. We stand behind every step of the process, from selecting only the best plant based ingredients to the end product results. Our formulations are lab tested for purity to deliver you lasting value, results you can feel, and quality you can trust.

You are investing in your wellness and skin health when you chose

Pure Hemp Botanicals

2. Your skin absorbs what it is exposed to.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it absorbs everything it is exposed to! Give your skin the compassion it deserves through pure plant-based ingredients that nourish and protect the skin long term. When you apply Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Care products, you deliver the desired area a blast of hydrating plant oils, infused with powerful amounts of pure CBD extract to support your body to feel maximum comfort and ease. Our products are lightly scented with pure essential oils, and we never use any unnatural fragrances or additives.

Our formulations support your overall well being so

you can feel great doing all the activities you love

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