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A movie, TV show and clip downloader for the Hulu streaming service that you can use to create an offline collection of your favorites

Hulu is an online platform that allows users to watch TV shows and movies. However, a reliable Internet connection is required to access your Hulu account and allow data streaming. To avoid situations when you cannot watch your favorite movies due to connection errors, you can download episodes to your computer using Free Hulu Download.

This particular application makes it possible for you to grab Hulu content and save it locally. To put it another way, you can use Free Hulu Download to create your own personal offline movie library, which you can access regardless of whether the Internet connection is up or not. Furthermore, watching the movies in offline mode means no data traffic is spent.

Grab Hulu content in three simple steps

Following a straightforward setup process, you are greeted by the main window of the application, which comprises usage instructions. Not that you really need them, but it comes in handy to see how easy it is to grab Hulu content and save it on the local PC.

To begin, you must copy a video link from the web browser, provided you are logged in to your Hulu account and watching a TV show or a movie. Having the complete URL in your Windows clipboard, you must click on the “Paste” button to load the video in Free Hulu Download. The clip can be previewed before downloading. To save it locally, all that is left for you to do is click on the “Download” button.

Sorting, filtering and proxy support

Videos downloaded with Free Hulu Download are placed in a list that you can easily save. You can see downloading, paused and completed downloads by applying filters. All the entries can be sorted ascending or descending.

A plus of Free Hulu Download is that it comes with integrated proxy support, which means you can change your identity when downloading movies and episodes. This helps you bypass any geographical restrictions and make sure your real identity is protected.

A downloader for the Hulu platform

Free Hulu Download provides a convenient way to download movies and shows from the Hulu online platform. However, it is your responsibility to only download free or purchased content.

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