BioBidet HD7000 $199 + Free shipping @ Home Depot


This Home Depot exclusive model appears to be in BioBidet’s SLIM series, slotting in between BioBidet’s SLIM One and SLIM TWO models.

It looks essentially like the SLIM ONE with the addition of a dryer. Or looking at it the other way, it’s like the SLIM TWO with all of its functions but with a side mounted control panel instead of a remote.

Those SLIM models are normally priced at $199 and $299 respectively. Feel free to correct me if I overlooked any other differences between them. I wonder if the SLIM TWO remote would operate the Home Depot version (does it have the receiver built in?).

UPDATE: The SLIM TWO doesn’t look like it has the dryer either, so I think this one is a better pick since it has the extra feature.

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