Burger King ads in Russia encourage women to sleep with World Cup stars?

Burger King ads in Russia encourage women to sleep with World Cup stars?

2018,Burger King Russia has launched an advertising campaign to cater to the 2018 World Cup in Russia:The ad promised free burgers for women who were able to get “the best football genes” and “ensure the success of the Russian team for generations to come.”

When the AD was launched, it caused a great deal of controversy. It was believed that Burger King was discriminating against women, which aroused strong opposition from women in Russia. The backlash prompted Burger King in Russia to quickly remove all references to the campaign and to issue a public apology on VK, admitting that the AD was “insulting to women.”

This advertisement is Russia burger king in order to meet the 2018 World Cup campaign in Russia and a female consumer advertising planning, this advertisement is aimed at Russia’s female consumers put forward “enjoy life free burger” that attract people, but n the advertisement let women having children for football players such premise condition is not respect the performance of the Russian women, in the advertisement women’s value has not been fully respect and belittling the female’s identity, only about women as tools to have a child.

Although the AD was originally an advertising campaign aimed at female consumers in order to cater to the hot topic of “World Cup” in Russia at that time, the AD was self-defeating. In the end, it not only failed to achieve the expected effect, but also caused a great negative impact on the brand image of Burger King.

At last,Burger King’s American headquarters said in a statement Wednesday to the Associated Press, “We are sorry about the clearly offensive promotion that the team in Russia launched online.” It said the offer did not represent the company’s values. It added, “We are taking steps to ensure this type of activity does not happen again.”

Along with the development of society, people’s recreational activities more and more, many brands will now cater to the current social hot spot to launch the relevant advertising to attract consumers, but many brands carelessly would lead to marketing mistakes did not achieve the desired effect instead bring bad influence even affect the brand image.

In this AD, we can see the mistakes of The Russian Burger King:

1)Cater to hot topics without considering the consequences

The 2018 World Cup in Russia attracted the attention of the whole world, and Burger King Russia also launched such activities to attract consumers due to the popularity of the World Cup. However, Burger King Russia only wanted to use the World Cup to promote its brand, but ignored the feasibility of this advertising campaign.

2)Ignoring the feelings of consumers

Respect for consumers is the bottom line of an international brand in its business activities. Only in this way can it gain the recognition and trust of local consumers in the market and engage in sales activities. Respect for every consumer is not something an international brand should do, but something it must do. Burger King Russia’s ad campaign completely ignores the feelings of female consumers and fails to consider women’s feelings before launching the campaign. Consumers are the basis of sales activities, advertising is to attract consumers, so ignore the feelings of consumers advertising is undoubtedly unable to succeed.


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