Google News “There are no articles…”

Hi yn0blck02,

Looking at the home feed,

it looks like it should be working ok. Is that the one you are using for your section, or a different url?

Chris Home feed not working on Google News. Publisher Google News say “There are not articles” plese check my website I dont know How I will solve I need feed 🙁

It *might* be because you have a mix of languages in your feed. Google News prefers that you publish in one language. If you have another language you publish in, you would need to set up a separate publication for it.

I’m not positive that the different languages are causing the problem, but that would be the first thing I would suggest testing. Remove the English article(s) if your publication is set up as a Turkish language publication, and then try refreshing the feed in your Publisher Center, give it about ten minutes, then refresh the entire page using your browser’s refresh button and then check to see if the articles are listed,


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