Letter to the editor: Choice of music speaks volumes

My wife and I were leaving the Coffee Road and Rosedale Highway Lowe’s parking lot Saturday when we saw a procession of Trump for president supporters driving by, in vehicles displaying American flags and flags calling for the re-election of Donald Trump for president. It was a beautiful thing to see such a large group of Americans working in unison toward a common goal in a respectful and disciplined manner. It is estimated that some 300 vehicles made up the procession.

After leaving Lowe’s, we proceeded to the Home Depot on Rosedale Highway, just north of Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler, where the rally participants were gathering. As we were walking from Home Depot to our car, a car drove through the parking lot, displaying a flag promoting Joe Biden for president, while playing their music load enough for all to hear. I am not sure what their music of choice was, but can tell you the lyrics were laced with fowl-mouthed disgusting words. Speaks volumes, don’t you think?

— Ernie Bentley, Bakersfield

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