AMCO’s Review of Bold made Purple Sunset Sugar Concentrate

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This sugar has a 74.3% THC level. It was produced and tested both on 9/17/2020 according to the label, but I think this means it was packaged and tested on the same day.

Jar Appeal

~ The look rates 9 out of 10. I first noticed the new glass container. It has a white lid for the half gram sample and a rounded bottom edge. The inner liner has a better non stick coating, possibly silicone, that prevented the product from adhering to the bottom of the lid. The sugar itself is a beautiful root beer color and is a nice chunky consistency.

The Smell

~ The smell rates 7 out of 10. The aroma is minimal inside the jar. In the air after being heated, it has a fruity floral scent. It’s not too pungent. There is some skunky notes, but mostly fruitiness.

The Taste

~ The taste rates 8 out of 10. I put a dab of the wet sugar amber colored material on a dab nail and torched a nectar collector until it was red before hitting the dab. The tasty skunk and lemon flavors dominate my taste buds.

The Effect

~ The effect rates 8 out of 10. One grain of rice sized dose quickly gave me the dab sweats and a break in my muscle pain by 2 points. It has a head heavy buzz that’s mentally intoxicating. I would use this strain to medicate as a muscle relaxer. My anxiety is better as well so I would say its a stress reliever too. I do still have a headache that it didn’t touch. Code AMCO for 10% off


~ Overall in my high opinion Bold’s Purple Sunset rates 8 out of 10. Thanks to Suite 443 for recommending this one to me .

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