Confused about my high?

Hi. I posted this question on the r/weed subreddit, but I only received one 3 word response that didn’t even begin to answer my questions. I really hope that someone here can help me to understand better what happened. Thanks in advance!

Hi. I have been trying medical marijuana. I got a vape(hybrid-jillybean). I also got a high cbd tincture and a high thc tincture. I use the tinctures sublingually under my tongue for around 2min.

Here’s the thing..I’ve tried the cbd tincture in the past. I used 7 ml of it over a few hours. One ml has around 11mg cbd and .80 thc. I never got high off of that. I’ve also used the high thc tincture before with low cbd(1ml is 13 mg thc..I used .50ml.), and I didn’t get high off of that. I’ve gotten high off of my vape before though, by accident. But for some reason yesterday, after taking only 1.5ml(~17mg cbd 1.2 mg thc) of my high cbd tincture, I got so buzzed. I felt anxiety and disconnected. My blood pressure was a quite higher than normal.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this sort of thing, like why barely any of the high cbd/low thc tincture effected me so much more, compared to my first time trying it months ago, especially when the high thc tincture didn’t even get me high… I also wonder why my blood pressure stayed a bit high for a while(couple hours)(22M 6ft 140lbs) at 140/82? It’s just so weird to me.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable who’s experienced this before can advise me.

Thank you.

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