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Anxiety, stress, trouble sleeping, aches, and pains — sound familiar? These are all common, everyday experiences for many people. In the past two decades, using CBD oil and other products to eradicate common health issues has become the answer for many people fed up with addictive painkillers, sleep aids, and medications for stress and anxiety.

According to a Gallup Survey, 1 in 7 people uses CBD for various reasons. This statistic is a powerful testimony to its effectiveness. The CBD boom in the US began in 2008 when Congress passed a law legalizing growing hemp in all 50 states and removed CBD from the controlled substance list. Since that time, the market has flooded with brands, and it’s become challenging to know which one to trust. The partners at Gold Spectrum have been in the CBD business since the beginning with 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical and health industries. They take pride in offering the highest quality and concentration of products on the market.

What’s the Big Deal?

So, what’s the big deal about CBD? What can it offer that over-the-counter pain killers and prescription medications cannot? Taking CBD orally or applying a topical cream are the two most common methods of using CBD. Once in contact with the body, CBD works synergistically with its endocannabinoid system through the central and peripheral nervous systems’ receptors. This series of events helps regulate functions within the body so it can return to a state of homeostasis. This intrinsic process allows CBD to provide natural healing benefits without harsh side-effects or addictive properties.

Gold Spectrum’s Motto and Mission

Yanet Caliz from Gold Spectrum explains that her company’s mission is to foster growth, passion, and better living through natural wellness. She asserts Gold Spectrum is committed to educating the masses on CBD’s powers by offering the best and most potent products. Their motto ‘Quality First’ has been their driving force from the beginning. In a saturated market, many other companies are cutting corners to drive down their costs. Gold Spectrum simply doesn’t do business that way. When you buy their products, you receive the highest quality and concentration of fully refined hemp for maximum effectiveness. Gold Spectrum attests that their products are, on average, ten times more potent than other brands.

Caliz explains, “Our products combine science and nature to target your ailments. Redefining your health with our premium and potent CBD products is our number one goal.” Gold Spectrum is a high quality, high concentration premium CBD wellness brand with a commitment to quality and functionality. “To perform optimally, you have to feel your best, and we provide our customers with a line of specifically targeted products to empower them to live their healthiest lives.”

Common Fears Debunked

Even with the CBD’s overwhelming popularity, many people are skeptical. They worry that CBD is addictive, and they fear they could fail a drug test. Gold Spectrum’s potency pertains to the power it has to alleviate your pain and other health issues. It is not related to its ability to get you ‘high.’ In fact, CBD products from Gold Spectrum contain less than .03% of THC. This amount will never affect your state of awareness or consciousness and cannot cause you to fail a drug test.

To further validate Gold Spectrum’s reputation in the industry, the hemp they use in their products is grown in the US and never imported. They buy in small batches to formulate tinctures that are expertly crafted. Gold Spectrum products retain the plants’ original terpenes and phytocannabinoids to create full-spectrum formulas. These formulas give the consumer the best quality and highest potency hemp products without THC and additives. You can trust that your Gold Spectrum CBD products are safe, pure, and the highest quality on the market today.

The Gold Standard

If you’ve ever wondered if CBD products could make a difference in your life, the people at Gold Spectrum are willing to answer your questions to make an informed decision regarding your health and wellness. When you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, CBD could be the answer. And if you make that leap to natural healing, you deserve the very best products. Their motto ‘Quality first” says it all. Gold Spectrum is simply the gold standard in CBD products.

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