Is AOL Instant Messenger available in 2020?

“AIM shutting down” is the topic that kept making rounds in the news headlines in the year 2017. AIM which is also known as AOL Instant Messenger was owned by America Online. The platform had great fan following and loved by the Americans as it allowed them to have one-on-one conversation with their Buddies.

However, in the later part of 2017, America Online made an official statement saying that people won’t be able to use AIM since it was shutting down December 15, 2017. This made its users disappointed as they thought they wouldn’t be able to use it ever in their lives.

But, soon after AIM disappeared, AIM Phoenix took its place. Although, America Online did not release it as a replacement of AIM and it has nothing to do with AIM. But, it offers the same functionalities and features as AOL Instant Messenger. This new platform is owned by Wildman Productions. This is a non-profit organization that used the software of the old messenger. But, as it continued to grow, it created its separate software.

The ‘Buddies’ list that was a part of Instant Messenger will not be there in the new AIM Phoenix. But, to keep the memory of the older messenger alive, you may create the same username which you used in the past.

Why did AIM shut down?

When AIM was launched in the market, it gained huge popularity as it was developed with the intention that people could engage in a conversation with each other without having to undergo a tough process. They made this service available for the users of non-subscribers as well.

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In the meantime, technology grew a lot and many such platforms were developed. These platforms included other messenger services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo, and so on.

As the time passed by, AIM lost its popularity with the emergence of smart devices and social media platforms. However, the age old users could not bear losing their favourite messenger and kept missing it for days.

What is AIM Phoenix?

As we have already discussed in the previous paragraphs that AIM Phoenix did not come as a replacement of AIM and has nothing to do with it. Thus, we can say that Wildman took AIM shutting down to its benefits and released a similar messenger service for the users.

There are a number of its variants that you can download on your device. The different versions include version 1.0, lite, AIM 5.9 and so on. You may also get your hands on the software with which you can set up an AIM Phoenix server of your own.

How do you get AIM Phoenix?

When we go on to speak about installing AIM Phoenix, we can say that it is quite a classic process. As soon as you start installing it on your device, you are asked several age old questions. The installer asks about your connection type and the connection type includes those which were there in the older times. Apart from this, it also asks you if you would like to set the current page as your homepage. This may seem quite annoying to the users but this is what you need to go through if you wish to have it on your device.

To have a trip down the memory lane, you can also ask your buddies to join the same platform too. If you are still having a query that “AIM still exists or not?” then your answer lies right here. The messenger is not available now and you won’t be able to use it until AOL releases another messenger on its platform.

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