New Revolution Cannabis Strains To Come To Arkansas?

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Screen Capture of Revolution Cannabis Replying Back To My Comment

I went ahead and did a little investigated research about Revolution Cannabis‘ New Strains that all have just placed 1st in the Illinois Cannabis Cup, which took place August 17th through August 20th weekend: Turbo Space Cake ( also known as Garlic Cut #287 Turbo Lemon Cake x Alien Orange Candy ), Florida Orange ( Key Lime Surprise x Clementine ), and Gorilla’d Cheese ( Gorilla Glue #4 and Clementine )

From the reply, straight from Revolution’s main Instagram, it looks like we can expect 2 new cannabis strains, Florida Orange and Gorilla’d Cheese to be coming our way! I was really hoping we would get the Turbo Space Cake, as I love Sativa based strains.

Florida Orange provides what is said to be an earthy orange aroma and taste. From what I have been able to find it gives a light and cerebral psychedelic feeling mostly hitting right behind the eyes and making it valuable for those that struggle with anxiety and/or PTSD.

Gorilla’d Cheese is said to provide a super cheesy flavor and aroma but also give off hints of citrus, berries, and diesel at times too. It gives off a very potent high to seems to hit almost right away with euphoric energy that relaxes you and melts away the anxiety and gives a good body high relieving pain that you are going through.

I so far have tried Sun King OG and Bermuda Triangle of the few strains that Revolution Cannabis has provided Delta Cannabis with and have been blown away by the quality and effects these strains have given. Be on the lookout for a review on the Sun King OG from me very soon! And any other strain Delta puts out!

✌️ As Always, Stay Medicated ✌️

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