NuLeaf Naturals Review: Are They Worth the Price?

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You don’t have to spend much time shopping on the internet for CBD, before you begin to suffer from choice overload. Many companies offer a variety of products so wide that it is impossible to understand what differentiates one item from the next.

The most experienced shoppers may feel like a kid in a candy store while browsing the thousands of vaguely different CBD oils, the clusters of gummies that all have something unique to offer, and the endless supply of warming and cooling topicals meant to address every type of ache—or at least take away the wrinkles.

The novelty, however, eventually wears off, whittling choices down to one important factor: quality. If the CBD doesn’t work, then you just bought a $50 jar of Sour Patch Kids. They don’t even cost that much at the movie theater.

When all the flashy flavors and formats start getting old, and you are looking for CBD you can count on to dependably deliver results, NuLeaf Naturals is your brand. The company has been in the CBD business since 2014. It recently added CBD capsules to its catalog; but full-spectrum, naturally-flavored CBD oil was its only focus until summer 2020.

The company’s simplicity in an overcrowded market is one reason NuLeaf Naturals is currently one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the world; but its focus on creating the best, all-natural CBD oil in the industry is probably the driving force behind NuLeaf’s recent rise in popularity.

The company has been getting a great deal of positive attention lately, and enthusiasm will only grow as more people become enlightened to the organic goodness that NuLeaf’s CBD oil has to offer.

The company makes its CBD with organically-grown hemp from its own farms, and it infuses the CBD with organic hemp seed oil, making true use of the whole hemp plant. While this is the purest way to get your daily dose of CBD, unadulterated CBD may be too earthy and bitter for some consumers.

A whole-plant product retains all the nutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids, but it tastes a little like tea steeped with kale and dirt. Some people enjoy feeling so deeply connected with the source of their wellness; but others just want to get their dose of CBD and go.

NuLeaf recognized this and—after six years of making only oil—developed plant-based softgels to make its products more accessible to everyone. Most plant-based CBD in a “pill” format comes in large capsules, and they may be harder to swallow. It’s great to see a plant-based softgel finally on the market, and to see it made by NuLeaf is even more exciting.


  • Outstanding full spectrum formula
  • Free shipping with no minimum order
  • Third-party lab testing
  • CBD oil is organic
  • CO2 extraction free of solvents


  • Product line is limited
  • No THC-free options available

About NuLeaf Naturals

Jaden Barnes and two other health-conscious entrepreneurs started NuLeaf Enterprises in Denver, Colorado, in 2014. The parent company of NuLeaf Naturals also owns PrintBuds, a company that sells gorgeous poster and canvas prints of sugar-coated, sparkling cannabis buds so close up you can almost smell them. If you are a fan of cannabis and also a fan of photography, you definitely want to check them out.

The focus of NuLeaf Enterprises is in complete alignment with that of NuLeaf Naturals: creating quality, consumer-facing cannabis products that improve based on customer feedback. That business model has taken NuLeaf through the period where CBD oil was an obscure product with a lot of stigma tied to its use, to today.

Now, CBD is one of the most popular items on the wellness market; and it is legal on a Federal level, with most companies easily shipping to all 50 states and to other countries around the world.

NuLeaf Naturals has benefitted from staying the course throughout, with its popularity growing as it rises above the noise of other companies that just don’t have the same staying power. It is getting consistent recognition as a top brand, and it boasts over 20 thousand highly-rated reviews by verified customers. NuLeaf Naturals is growing so rapidly that it gained the attention of Inc. 5000 in its 2019 and 2020 business reviews [1].

Inc. 5000 ranks businesses by their growth over a period of three years, and it has named Nuleaf Naturals as the number three company in its Consumer Products and Services category. NuLeaf is also the number one fastest-growing company in Colorado, and it is number eleven in the world. Not too shabby for a company making a product that was on the DEA’s list of controlled substances just a couple of years ago!

Points of Interest

NuLeaf Naturals has not done much to change its product line since it was founded in 2014. Instead, it relies on customer input to improve what it already has—which is why the company now has one of the most robust full spectrum formulas on the market. The ability to hone in on what it takes to make the best CBD possible has paid off.

Over the years, NuLeaf has adjusted its CBD’s concentration in order to give customers more bang for their buck. The original concentration contained 24mg of CBD per serving. The latest concentration now has 30mg of CBD in each serving, for the same price.

NuLeaf’s newest addition to its product line is its CBD capsules. Customers wanted to skip the bitter taste with a faster, more portable way to get their CBD, and NuLeaf listened. The company created one of the only plant-based softgels on the market, and it used the same robust formula as it uses for its oil.

NuLeaf Naturals’ Process

NuLeaf Naturals controls its CBD from seed to shelf, making its products fully traceable. The company does not use genetically modified seeds. Instead, it has been cultivating the same strain of hemp that it carefully selected years ago. The strain was selected in order to provide a robust formula with just the right combination of terpenes and cannabinoids.

NuLeaf’s hemp is organically-grown in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It has been certified by The Detox Project—an organization dedicated to research and support for transparency in the food and nutritional supplement industries—as pesticide free [2], and third-party lab testing confirms that the hemp is free of heavy metals, fungicides, and mycotoxins as well.

Testing and Extraction

Once the hemp has been harvested, it goes to labs that are ISO and Good Manufacturing Practices certified for extraction. These labs use a combination of subcritical and supercritical CO2 methods to extract the CBD from the raw materials. CO2 extraction relies on pressurized CO2 in order to separate CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp. It requires no solvents, so it produces a cleaner-tasting, more precisely formulated oil [3].

Supercritical and subcritical refer to the temperatures at which extraction takes place. Lower temperatures pull out the lighter oils while leaving behind the waxes, paraffins, and lipids. Higher temperatures allow for a more complete extraction, taking advantage of the entire plant’s nutrients.

Combining both versions of CO2 extraction gives processors the best of both worlds, allowing them more control to create a well-balanced final result.

Lab Results

NuLeaf Naturals is totally transparent, and it shares the lab results from its third-party testing right on each product page. You can look up the results by lot/batch number as well. Since the company uses the same CBD extract to make all of its products, and the results shared online are for the pure oil (rather than for the final emulsified items), there is really only one lab report per batch.

We like that NuLeaf shares the actual lab results on their website, rather than a pared-down, edited version that is found on the sites of less reputable companies. However, actual lab results are confusing to read, so it would be nice if the company shared an explanation of the results as well.

Fortunately, the lab that NuLeaf uses, Botanacor, makes simpler reports. They are more straightforward than most, and they already include detailed numbers, as well as big-picture conclusions.

The fact that there are no lab reports for the finished products is the biggest missing piece to NuLeaf Naturals’ transparency. It is clear that its oils are free of impurities, but it is not clear that the labeled amount of CBD is accurate.

NuLeaf Naturals: Product Line-Up

NuLeaf keeps its product line-up simple and straightforward. Until August 2020, the company made only CBD oil. It has recently added capsules to its catalog, giving customers the option to take their CBD on the go.

While some enjoy the earthy flavor of full-spectrum CBD oil, and the ritual of taking their daily dose, others would prefer to toss a bottle into their bag and get on with their day. NuLeaf now supports its customers no matter what, with formats that will fit into any style of wellness.

The company uses the same potent full spectrum formula for its capsules as for its oils, and customers can count on a rounded entourage effect, no matter which product they choose. Additionally, though there is no difference in the actual ingredients, concentration, or formula, NuLeaf Naturals has labeled a CBD oil for pets as well. The price is the same, but the label is different in order to be compliant with FDA standards.


  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil: This oil does not come in any special flavors—just the natural flavor of hemp extract and hemp seed oil. You can order different amounts of CBD, but they are all the same concentration. It is the size of the bottle that varies instead. You can choose a range of sizes, with between 300mg and 6000mg of CBD, but they will always be 30mg of CBD per dropperful.

CBD Capsules

  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules: Made with cassava root extract, purified water, and vegetable glycerin, these softgels are plant-based—which is a rarity in the CBD market. Each gelcap contains 15mg of CBD (recommended serving is 30mg of CBD, so you would need to take two), and you can choose between 30, 60, and 120 capsules.

CBD for Pets

  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Pet Oil: This oil is exactly the same as the CBD oil labeled for humans, but it is labeled for pets. It is made with the same ingredients and same formula, and it is the same concentration as well. Available in 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg of CBD, each drop contains 3mg of the NuLeaf Naturals full spectrum formula.

Lab Results & CBD Quality

We sent NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD full spectrum CBD oil to a third party lab, and we were happy to see that the formula was as robust as advertised.

The amount of CBD in the bottle was slightly lower than the amount labeled; but it fell within a five percent margin of error, which is quite acceptable. To see the full lab results and a more in-depth analysis, visit CBDStudy’s review of NuLeaf Naturals.

Our Nuleaf Naturals Shopping Experience

NuLeaf’s website is straightforward, and there is nothing particularly outstanding about it besides its organized clarity. All the information you could want about the company and its practices is easy to find, product pages clearly list ingredients and ordering options, and lab results are also a simple click of a button away from each listing.

The neutral tones on the site let you know that this company is focused on presenting a natural image, and even the light-protected brown packaging supports the company’s branding.

The blog features educational content, as well as news and recipes, but don’t expect to learn everything you need to know about CBD on this site. You are better off doing your research elsewhere if you need to learn about how to use CBD or what it is good for. The company adheres pretty tightly to the FDA’s regulations against using medical or mental health claims in any of its marketing content.

The NuLeaf website may be where customers go to make their purchases, but social media is where they go to participate in the CBD conversation. Almost everyone who tries NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD becomes a loyal customer, and the company has used social media to build customer relationships and a community. It has a presence on Facebook, with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating; and on Instagram, NuLeaf’s account has 54 thousand enthusiastic followers.

NuLeaf Naturals doesn’t just have a presence on social media, the company is also very interactive with its fans. It holds regular contests, and someone from the team responds to almost every comment on the company’s posts. If that doesn’t win you over, the pictures of four-legged fur-babies posing with bottles of NuLeaf CBD oil might do the trick.

Shipping and Returns

Most CBD companies require a minimum purchase before free shipping kicks in, but NuLeaf offers it regardless of your order. The company ships to all 50 US states, in addition to 40 different countries. NuLeaf Naturals is not responsible for costs or delays if your product is held up or confiscated at customs.

Standard free US shipping will get your product to you within two to three days, but you can request expedited shipping for an additional fee. The company is happy to help you out with any assistance you may need if you contact them during normal business hours.

NuLeaf Naturals could improve upon its return policy. The company does offer refunds for returns within 30 days, but items must be shipped back in their original packaging and unopened. This means that you do not have the opportunity to give NuLeaf Naturals’ products a try before you are committed to the investment.

Final Thoughts

NuLeaf Naturals is one CBD company that has found the magic formula for success. For the first six years of its existence, the company made just one product: full-spectrum CBD oil. This year, it expanded to two products, adding a plant-based full-spectrum CBD capsule.

Despite such a limited catalog, NuLeaf has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the world for the last two years. We know that it’s because of the outstanding quality of the company’s CBD oil, its strong social media presence, and its ability to build community around its products.

The full-spectrum formula NuLeaf has created is pure and balanced, and it is made with some of the finest organically-grown hemp available. The fact that NuLeaf keeps a tight control over every part of the process—from seed to shelf—is how the company manages to maintain a consistent product, batch after batch.

Fans of the company can look forward to contests and interaction from the marketing team at NuLeaf, and they can count on the customer service department to answer all their questions. The slightly higher price of NuLeaf’s products is completely reasonable, considering everything that comes in the tiny, light-protected bottles. Not only do you get some of the best CBD on the market, you get a community as well.


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