Team Durp


Team Durp is a “secret” skin that only Cheedaman, and possibly The Mandem have in the game BEAR*.


The skin uses the Normal Bear skin but with the it has robwinzz’s shirt and it has the ROBLOX [ Epic Face. It may have a rainbow glow, however due to the quality of the video showing it, its hard to tell.


In game footage of Team Durp skin.

To prove that this skin exist in BEAR* there is a video to prove the existence of this skin: at exactly at the minute 2:30.


Note: This Trivia Section is just Theories

  • This is the first skin that Cheedaman has, the others being Whitey in BEAR (Alpha).
  • This could be a Joke Skin due to it mentioning memes, specifically 2010-2012 memes.
  • This could be a skin that could be obtain if you have the Mandem Gift Box. This would make sense but it is just a theory.
  • This skin could be a reference to one of The Mandem members called RobWinzz since he has the same jacket that is use for the Team Durp skin.
  • The game creator Cheedaman said that this skin will be in the game.
  • Here is a video:
  • This is the 2nd excluise skin. The first being rubbermal.and the 3rd being chilli
  • Tbis is the 2nd skin to have a rainbow aura the 1st being Chill (BEAR*)

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