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Lord Mountbatten

A British statesman and naval officer, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten was a man of honor. Born with the title His Serene Highness Prince Louis of Battenburg in the international royal family background, he went on to become Lord Louis Mountbatten. Over his life, he held the titles of The Right Honourable The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma and The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Informally known as Lord Mountbatten, he achieved great heights during his life. Mountbatten’s career involved extensive naval commands, the diplomatic negotiation of independence for India and Pakistan, and the highest military defence leaderships. Initially starting off as an officer cadet in the Royal Navy, through his intense hard work, dedication and commitment, he raised on to the most coveted position of the British Royal Navy, Admiral of the Fleet. Other than his service at the Navy, Lord Mountbatten assisted in the Britain’s exit from India and the latter’s emergence as one of the independent nations of the world. For the same, Lord Mountbatten was made the last Viceroy of British India and later held the chair of the Governor General of independent India, being the first to do so. For his exceptional contribution in the Royal Navy, Lord Mountbatten was honoured and decorated by British and other countries of the world.

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