Hand-sanitizer stations will be placed in CBD downtown on Nov. 17

WILMINGTON, NC — Wilmington Downtown Inc.’s interim chair Dance Scalise announced today, in cooperation with New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) and the Municipal Service District (MSD), that 50 hand-sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the central business district of downtown Wilmington, beginning Nov. 17.

The project is funded by WDI, NHRMC and MSD, which worked with a local supply company, Croaker Inc., to install the stations. Local business owners signed up to “host” the stations, meaning they properly store them indoors overnight and, with help from MSD Ambassadors, keep the stations appropriately cleaned and restocked.

The goal is to promote well-being and health through proper hand washing during a pandemic, as numbers of Covid-19 continue to rise nationwide. It also helps counteract some of the burden local businesses incur by purchasing hand sanitizing options for customers.

“WDI and MSD are excited to have partnered with New Hanover Regional Medical Center to make these hand sanitizer stations available to downtown, as part of their Let’s Make Healthier Happen campaign,” WDI vice-chair Deb Hays said in a press release. “Cleanliness and safety are top priorities for us all. We hope to see you in downtown soon!”

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