Study Suggests Marijuana Can Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

I drank heavy for well over a decade. Alcohol cost me so much. I’ve been homeless, incarcerated, destroyed great relationships and most my friendships. I couldn’t even make it through a shift at a job without.

I went through multiple treatment visits, one lasting nearly 10 months. Multiple hospital visits. It was rough man.

I ended up moving in with my parents, both alcoholics though my dad was forced to stop due to cirrhosis. They both smoke, so I started as well. Figured what’s one more issue, I didn’t expect to be alive much longer anyway.

Thank God I started.

I quit alcohol cold turkey almost 2 years ago (Feb ’19). Woke up one day and decided enough was enough.

Still have alcohol left from that bottle I had. Keep beer in my fridge for company. Work at a liquor store and about to start at a brewery. I’ve not had one single urge to even take a sip. I can go days or even weeks without smoking to no ill effects.

I’ve been clean for a week now getting ready to take a UA for that job soon, and I feel just as good as usual. It’s a beautiful thing.

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