Everything You Need to Know About the Trace Mineral Zinc

Only the most sophisticated supplement makers are able to put an ionophore in forms that can infuse through the cells, essentially bypassing the gut altogether.

There are a couple of very promising biochemical delivery mechanisms for getting zinc to places where the body can use it best: spray and SEDS (self-emulsifying delivery system). If made in a lab with access to this advanced technology, both methods can leverage the ionophore complex mentioned above.

A liquid zinc-based spray is best used locally in the throat. By applying a high-density oral zinc complex where we most often come in contact with outside bugs, we can support our frontline internal defenses against these foreign invaders. (17) A spray is especially easy to apply, particularly while on the go in your daily routine, while traveling, and when you know you’re heading to an environment with increased threats.

SEDS, or self-emulsifying delivery system, is another cutting-edge supplement delivery method for natural compounds like zinc that have an unpleasant taste at higher concentrations or like curcumin that may “stain.” Instead of using a traditional capsule,where the compounds break down in the gut before getting into the cells, SEDS, in the form of a softgel, offers a superior alternative for delivery, bypassing the digestive process.

Pharmacokinetic studies indicate that as the softgel quickly dissolves in the stomach its emulsified nanoparticles can more easily diffuse through intestinal cell membranes into the bloodstream in as little as 20 minutes, with peak blood concentration occurring within 90 minutes. (18) Putting a zinc ionophore into a SEDS softgel supports getting these critical ingredients quickly into your blood and cells where they are needed most.

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