Cannabis growth industry has colleges adapting

Want practical experience growing marijuana, but have no idea how to get a plant? Or just not comfortable growing cannabis at home? Try stinging nettle, which is a plant that’s […]

CBD Colleges & Educational Companies

[ad_1]           Below is a list of few colleges and educational companies that offer CBD training and certification. Cannabis Training University: This is a cannabis college […]

Students Sue Colleges More than Healthcare Cannabis Use

[ad_1] PHOENIX, Ariz. – Challenges amongst the rights of health-related cannabis individuals and continued federal prohibition in the U.S. are getting tested on college campuses, as media reports this week […]

Colleges say no and face lawsuits

[ad_1] HARTFORD, Conn. — Colleges are becoming a battleground in the conflict amongst federal and state marijuana laws as students who use healthcare pot challenge decades-old campus drug policies. In […]