Make The XP Bar In Cake Wars A Game Timer.

Susie Oct 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM Halloween Havoc is an awesome game so I’d like to see that return most, but I wouldn’t mind having both. Although, I can’t […]

Timer in locked screen.

On my wife’s xr she had when using countdown timer on the locked screen she could wake her phone and see what was left on her countdown. so after iOS […]

Timer parameter calculation

Hi.. I am using psco4 device cy8c4025azi-s413…Want to implement the timer with interrupt….I am using the timer component as timer counter(TCPWM mode)[v2.10]… clock frequency is 12Mhz… how to set the […]

Battlegrounds Timer Too Short

I’ve been getting screwed over in the Battlegrounds in the later stages due to lack of time. I just recently lost because all of the effects going off every time […]